Before creating a masterpiece, the artist should have a grasp on the tools at his disposal.


Before you dive into this article if you haven’t read through my story on Alexa fundamentals i would strongly encourage you to do so.


In order to easily make an Alexa skill, there are a few prerequisites which we will be talking about in this tutorial. Specifically we will be needing

  1. Amazon echo device. There are multiple types of alexa devices available and we will talk about them later but to keep things simple we can just start with Amazon echo dot. Here is the link in case you want to purchase one.
  2. Amazon developer portal account: This is where…


When smartphones first came into picture, apart from texting and calling the one thing which really made that experience magical was the birth of numerous mobile applications. Without the mobile apps it would still have been a phone but with no smarts.

Similarly when Amazon echo first came into picture, it was a cool toy which could do certain things. But what actually made Amazon echo what it is today is the capability of creating skills into Alexa. What mobile application are to smartphones, Alexa skills are to amazon echo.

The table below will help you to understand how similar…

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